Penton Publishing Weed ID iOs & Android App

Campaign Description:

The Challenge
AG Weed had a robust database that included information and images of many of the most common weeds and wanted to leverage that information to create an in-hand tool to help farmers identify weeds during scouting.

Digital Instincts worked with Penton Publishing to launch AG Weed ID app for iOs & Android. Ag Weed ID allows you to compare on the spot, or use the app's camera integration feature to take and upload photos of your weeds to identify in your truck, back at the office, or any time or bookmark weeds to check again later. The functional UI allows you to narrow the list by crop, season, and location and once you identify a weed, you'll find information about its resistance profile, control timing recommendations and other information about the plant's life-cycle. Sponsor integration even allows you to purchase the best weed killer for the job.

  • Client

    Penton Publishing

  • Technology

    • Design
    • UI/UX
    • iOs & Android
    • Mobile
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